building personal property bridges

building personal property bridges

About Circuit Breakers Tripping & What Can Cause It To Happen

Louise Burke

Are you fed up with the consistency that the circuit breakers in your house has been tripping (turning off)? It is vital for you to find out why the problem is happening before you end up without a home due to it catching on fire. Below, discover the possible things that can go wrong with electrical wiring to make the circuit breakers trip, as well as what getting the problem fixed will cost.

What Kind of Electrical Problems Can Cause Circuit Breakers to Trip?

A common reason for circuit breaker tripping in a house is from a homeowner adding too many electronics to a single outlet. You must understand that outlets are only built for handling so much electricity, and it depends on how many amps the electrical panel is able to handle. For instance, an older house may only be able to handle under 100 amps, which can be dangerous for modern power demands.

Another thing that leads to the circuit breakers tripping is faulty wiring in the walls. Your home may have wiring that is frayed or has burned up from handling all of the power demands. You must get an electrician to visit your house and examine the amount of volts going through the wires. He or she will perform the task my inserting a multimeter in the outlets. The electrician may also remove the outlet covers to take a look at the condition of the wires.

It may be necessary to get your house rewired before the circuit breakers will stop tripping. An electrician can perform an upgrade on the electrical panel to increase the number of amps. An additional electrical panel can also be installed if you need your electrical wiring to handle a large amount of electronics and appliances.

What Does it Cost to Get Electrical Wiring Problems Fixed?

Getting your home rewired can be as little as $3,500 if the task is not too complicated. However, rewiring a large house can cost as much as $30,000. If you want the electrical panel to get upgraded to 400 amps, it is estimated to cost up to $4,000.

Don't try to avoid spending money on the electrical repairs that your house needs by simply turning the circuit breakers back on. Circuit breaker tripping should be considered a priority because ignoring the issue can lead to you not having a home at all. Contact an electrician from a company like Sweeney Electric Ltd to get the problem examined and fixed.


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