building personal property bridges

building personal property bridges

3 Signs That Horizontal Directional Drilling Is Best For Your Home Site

Louise Burke

If you need to have pipes buried in your yard, you might be looking into your drilling options so that you can have it done. You might have heard of a few different methods of drilling for pipes, but one drilling method that you might not have considered the benefits of is horizontal directional drilling.

Basically, this type of drilling involves drilling horizontally underground rather than digging up noticeable trenches. This type of drilling is used for all sorts of things, including digging on oilfield construction sites, but it's also handy for at-home projects. These are a few signs that this is the best type of drilling for running pipes through your yard or tackling another similar at-home project.

1. You Have Utility Lines in Your Yard

Unless your home is a new construction or you are doing your drilling far away from the house, there is a strong chance that your drilling project could affect your utility lines. This can result in outages of your power, cable or other utilities and can result in costly repairs that you will be held responsible for. With horizontal directional drilling, however, there is less of a chance of these utility lines being tampered with. This is because this type of drilling can be very well-controlled and accurate, so as long as the person who is doing the drilling for you is aware of where your utility lines are located -- which you can do by having your utility providers come out and mark them off with flags -- then you shouldn't have to worry about them being damaged.

2. You're Concerned About Your Landscaping

You have probably worked hard to plant your grass, create your flowerbeds and otherwise landscape your yard, and you probably don't want all of your hard work to go to waste. However, with many pipe drilling methods, it is impossible to prevent your landscaping from being affected. However, with directional drilling, there will only need to be one entry hole in your lawn, which can be fixed much more easily than your entire yard.

3. You Want to Do Your Project in an Eco-Friendly Way

Along with the aesthetic issues that can go along with ruining your yard, you also have to think about the ecological effects. Many drilling methods will ruin the homes of insects, plants and more, which is far from eco-friendly. With horizontal directional drilling, however, there will be a minimal impact on the environment.

As you can probably see, many homeowners find horizontal directional drilling to be a great option for a host of reasons. These are three signs that it might be the best type of drilling for your property as well.


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