building personal property bridges

building personal property bridges

Turn A Space In Your Garage Into A Customized Workspace And Shop

Louise Burke

Whatever your hobby, craft, or skill, a dedicated work area can make it a lot more convenient and pleasant to create at home. If you have a garage, than you likely have room for a workshop. All you need is a patch of bare wall to begin adding the elements that will turn it into a useful, fully-functioning space.

Consider the following ways to transform a bare space in the garage into a custom shop:


The first thing you want to do is measure and buy ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets from a home improvement store. Depending on the type of work you plan to do in the space, your personal preferences, and your budget, you may opt to forgo overhead cabinets in lieu of something less costly. The bottom pair of cabinets will serve as a base for the counter coming next, and should take into account the location of any existing power outlets for convenience later on.


The counter will be secured to the top of your pair of RTA cabinets, spaced apart to allow for a stool, chair, or equipment. A slab counter may be attached to the top of the cabinets by using the prefabricated cleats on the corners of your countertop. After putting the counter in place, shim and level before securely everything tightly together with lag screws to form your work surface.


When you know how much wall space you have to work with, this is the time to install sheets of pegboard, corking, or other surface material to your wall. This material will allow you to hang, store, and organize your tools and belongings neatly and in plain sight. Pegboard works especially well in a shop as there is a wide range of fittings, hooks, and shelves that can be secured and connected to these surfaces.


The extra touches that you add are entirely up to you, and could be dictated by the type of craft or work that you do in the space. For instance, if you scrapbook and cut, you may want to install a magnetic bar at eye level to contain your scissors or blades; if you are a woodworker, you may want a spot to hang your saw blades or a rack for your screwdrivers. Be sure to consider the lighting in the space, and add some task lamps or track lights to reinforce the often harsh, ambient lighting of your garage.

If you are tired of having to dig out your tools and supplies in order to work on a craft or project, you need a workshop. If you have a small piece of wall in the garage or other out-building, this could be the ideal place to create your work space. Talk with retailers and builders as needed to obtain more info, as well as materials and estimates to transform your garage.


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