building personal property bridges

building personal property bridges

Design Ideas For A Contemporary Deck

Louise Burke

If you have a modern house, you want that style to carry through to your yard, right? Perhaps you envision a tranquil Japanese garden or a minimalist xeriscape for your backyard. The transition between your modern house and yard is the deck. Design a contemporary deck that complements your style.

Elements of a Contemporary Deck

Clean lines are the key to any contemporary design. Your deck should utilize geometry to promote the modern style. Likewise, a contrast in materials is characteristic of this design. Keep those elements in mind as you consider how to decorate your deck.

Deck Flooring Options

The material you choose for your deck depends on which aspect of contemporary architecture you want to emphasize. For example, natural stone is common for Japanese styles. However, concrete promotes a more industrial look. If you fancy a traditional wooden deck, consider a lighter hardwood or even reclaimed materials. Composite is an excellent budget option that can mimic almost any material.

Deck Railing

Metal and cable railings are traditional for the contemporary style. Both metal and cable give you the sleek industrial look, though metal can offer the same profile as wood. A cable rail is an excellent choice if you want your yard to take center stage.

Conversely, tempered glass is another attractive option. Not only does tempered glass disappear visually in a similar way to cable rails, but the profile is very modern. Likewise, as the Landscaping Network points out, tempered glass is the ideal material if wind is an issue in your area.

Water Features

Just because you're going minimalist with your deck design doesn't mean you can't have some of the deluxe fixtures such as water features. If going for a fountain, look for models with clean lines and sharp geometry. Concrete or metal are the ideal materials.

Conversely, consider having a reflection pool installed in one corner. This option is optimal if you're angling for a Japanese feel to your outdoor space. Such a pool offers the added bonus of providing a natural dividing line between areas.

Minimalist Layout

For the most part, the layout of your deck depends on the space available and the architecture of your home. However, the ideal layout keeps the deck square to your house. Try to picture your deck from an aerial view. The most attractive contemporary placement has your deck looking like a block next to your house. Likewise, keep any additional features such as pools or fire pits squarely aligned within the angles of the deck.

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