building personal property bridges

building personal property bridges

Innovative Ideas For Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Louise Burke

Remodeling a kitchen is the perfect opportunity to create a beautiful work environment that will make meal prep easier and more enjoyable. Nothing makes this dream a reality faster than kitchen cabinets. Carefully thought out designs will increase storage space, make it easier to access the items being stored and improve the overall appearance of the room.

Fill Small Spaces

Every kitchen has a few narrow areas that can end up as wasted space. The best way to get the most from a remodel is to make the most of places like these. Pull out drawers can be designed to tuck into narrow spots just a couple of inches wide. Considering that they can often be 2-3 feet deep, that is a lot of potential storage. Use one beside the fridge to hold spice jars, extra condiments or those other miscellaneous little items that are always getting lost. Next to the sink, create a drawer for the things people like to hide away like scrubbing pads or kitchen sponges.

Improve Old Ideas

It may not be the newest creation, but the Lazy Susan still remains one of the best ways to make the most out of an awkward corner cabinet. The newest designs not only spin, but can extend out as well, making it even easier to reach everything inside. The unit can be one piece, or designed so that each shelf works independently. They can be in the upper or lower cabinets and made to store items as small as spices to as large as kitchen appliances or cookware.

Go Against Tradition

Glasses and plates go in upper cabinets, while silverware and pots and pans fit below. Those traditional storage methods do not work for everyone. To fix that, there are a number of ways to safely move glasses and plates under the counters. This makes them accessible to everyone and frees up the wall at eye-level for windows, artwork or additional storage. Lower cabinets can be partitioned to store glasses, or slotted so plates can be stood on end, making them easy to grab.

Before purchasing any cabinets, think about everything in the current space that is inconvenient or unattractive. Discuss these concerns with a custom cabinet designer. With so many advances in kitchen cabinetry and hardware, there are a variety of solutions that can be adapted to fit nearly any home design. Since most of these items are tucked away behind cabinet doors, it is easy to adapt cabinet interiors without any dramatic changes to the exterior.  For more information, contact companies like Genuine Kitchens.


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building personal property bridges

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