building personal property bridges

building personal property bridges

4 Tips For Durable And Water-Resistant Custom Features For Your Basement Remodel

Louise Burke

If you are planning on remodeling your basement, there are many things to consider, such as the features you want to add and materials you use. This can often include custom work to meet your needs. You will also want to ensure that your home is protected from water and moisture, which can be a challenge with conventional materials. To do this, you will want to have durable features, such as vinyl or tile and stone. Concrete stains can also be a great choice for floors. If you want durable features for your basement remodel, here are some ideas that will help you create a custom look for your project:

1. Home Theater Seating That Is Raised Off The Floor

Some of the features you may include in your basement remodeling project may include something like installing a home theater, which can have seating and other features. If you want to prevent problems with the seating and have room for wiring, raised seating can be a great solution. This can allow for water to drain beneath seating if your basement is ever flooded and prevent damaging the seating. If you run wiring here, install conduit off the concrete slab to protect it from moisture too.

2. Finishing Walls With Stone And Tile For A Water Resistant Finish

When you are remodeling your basement, you will also want to consider the materials that you use for wall finishes. Conventional drywall can absorb moisture and cause a lot of problems in a basement, which is why you may want to consider some alternatives like vinyl wall panels. You may also want to consider other water-resistant solutions for the walls in your basement, like using tile and masonry.

3. Choosing The Right Flooring For The Conditions Found In Basements

Flooring can be another challenge that you have to face when finishing your basement. You may want to have floors that include custom designs. For custom floors, materials like tile can be a great choice. Other options include laminate and vinyl flooring products. There are even vinyl floors that can give you the look of hardwood. Acid staining can also be used to give you the look of wood or other materials in your basement.

4. Use Composites To Create Custom Trim In The Basement That Is Waterproof

When finishing your basement, you may also be considering custom woodwork for trim and other features. This can include features like baseboards and detailed trim around doors. Instead of using conventional wood materials for trim, look for the composite alternatives. These come in many different shapes and sizes, so you can do all the trim in your basement with water-resistant materials.

These are some ideas that will help you create a custom look for your basement finishing project. If you need help with completing your remodeling project, contact a home builder and discuss some of these ideas for durable custom finishes in your basement.

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