building personal property bridges

building personal property bridges

Useful Luxuries For Your Master Bathroom

Louise Burke

You may not realize it, but the master bathroom is one of the most important areas of your new home design. Your bathroom has a big impact on your daily routine. What's more, the master bath is one of the places where luxuries can make a big difference. Design a master bathroom that complements both your new home and your daily routine.

Walk-In Shower

A walk-in shower is essential for a master bathroom. When designing your walk-in shower, take into consideration your bathing routines. For example, if two of you are using the bathroom in the morning, it makes sense to design a dual shower with separate showerheads. Indeed, a spa panel with different sprays is another luxury that can improve your bathing routine. Likewise, incorporate seating to make some of your grooming routines easier.

Grooming Stations

In that vein, a bathroom should be able to accommodate several grooming routines. The best bathroom designs accommodate doing them simultaneously. Again, if two of you are going to use the bathroom, consider doubling up on the vanity. Design each grooming station around the separate sink. Be sure to include the right kind of lighting for the target tasks as well as specialized storage. For hair and makeup, you may even want a sit-down vanity. Additionally, ensure that the countertop space is more than sufficient for the grooming tasks.

Separate Toilet Room

Obviously, a toilet is a necessary addition to your master bathroom. However, there's no need for the toilet to be located right in the center of the action. Instead, tuck it away in its own room. This can be an actual closet-like structure with a door. Alternatively, you can simply separate the toilet from the rest of the bathroom with a single wall. Either way, have contractors provide adequate ventilation in this area.

Sufficient Storage

Another essential aspect of your bathroom is the amount of storage available. You simply can never have too much storage. As you're planning your bathroom layout, look for ways to incorporate more storage. For instance, add shelves under a bench for toiletries. What's more, Better Homes and Gardens suggests you install specialized storage. For instance, if you're undressing in the bathroom, it makes sense to incorporate a hamper somewhere in the storage department. Additionally, pay attention to shelf and drawer size. It makes no sense to have deep shelves or cavernous drawers if you're mainly storing small items. Instead, customize the storage with specialized inserts.

Design a master bathroom that best facilitates your necessary activities. Contact a company like Praxis Crafted Homes Ltd. for more tips.


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